The Differenece!!

Chill- Yaar is a novel concept for fresh and hygienic fruit juices, developed by a group of like-minded people, who were on the lookout for a drink, that’s fresh, healthy, hygienic and a sheer delight to consume! Not only our juices are astoundingly delectable and invariably healthy, but are also extremely hygienic. Made through highly sophisticated automated machines, the juices remain completely untouched by hand. Every stage of the process of making the juice is perfected with our specially designed machines that ensure that you just get the best of the fresh fruits and nothing less.
Here’s why you must choose Chill - Yaar :-
  • Promise of Freshness.
  • Delightfully Chilled Juices that too without the use of ice.
  • Untouched by Hands.
  • Our Unique Tastemaker (Available in hygienically packed sachets).
  • Our Uniquely Designed Outlets maintaining high degree of cleanliness & hygiene.
  • No use of Preservatives.
  • No added Sugar or salt.
  • Our On-Ground And Online Delivery Services.
  • Our Special “Gift A Drink” Facility.