The Story

Chill - Yaar, is a brainchild of a young couple, who went out on a road trip for some fun. While it all started at an exciting note, it was just a matter of time when they ran out of drinking water. They decided to take a halt as soon as they came across a sugarcane juice vendor, standing in the middle of nowhere! Relieved and extremely thirsty, they pulled over the car, right next to his handcart! However, much to their disappointment the hand cart seemed to be utterly unhygienic, with flies hovering over it. Even the vendor’s hands weren’t as clean, and the way he had to shove the same sugarcanes into the machine again and again to fully churn out the juice was sufficient to put off the couple’s willingness to quench their thirst! Thoroughly disappointed they continued on their sojourn.
It was at this point in time that the couple realised the sheer necessity of juice outlets that just don’t stop at serving fresh juices but are also as hygienic & pure as the current generation would like them to be. The realisation was there to stay. As soon as the couple reached back home, they set out on the search for the most efficient machines for various fruit juices, through which they could ensure that the juices they serve are of the best quality and adhere to the highest standards of hygiene. And thus began the impeccable journey of what they love to call “Chill - Yaar”!