Who We Are? We are- Chill - Yaar

Well for starters, we are Chill - Yaar!
Yes, we serve the chilliest & most fresh fruit juices which quench your thirst in a matter of few seconds! But wait, doesn’t the roadside vendor also serves you just that? Then why us?
Because, we understand you, and your concern for your own health and that of your family as well. And if you ask how so, then our answer is by maintaining the strictest of standards with respect to purity as well as freshness of our juices. In addition, we ensure that the fruits we use are untouched by hands! Now, isn’t that unbelievable? Not with us though, because we use the most sophisticated cold press machines for churning out delectable, chilled fruit juices. Our machines do the entire job, right from peeling, to deseeding the fruits & squeezing them into the most delightful juices and even chilling them to perfection! So, if you’re ever caught between meals looking for some rejuvenation, you know Chill- Yaar is the place to be! And just in case, you are too caught up to visit us for a refreshing juice, we will deliver it to your doorstep! Yes, you heard it right. Simply place your order online or over phone and your favourite juice will reach at your doorstep, fresh and chilled!
If you happens to be a health freak, then you’re gonna love us all the more ‘cause you can now even schedule a daily delivery of the juice of your choice, right at your doorstep!
With our specially developed pouches, the juice will remain astoundingly fresh, for a couple of hours, so that it doesn’t lose its taste or nutritional benefits on its way to reach you!
We bet, you can now find no excuse to run away from a healthy dose of a fresh fruit juice!